Our Products were designed and developed specifically for the E-Commerce market and clients who sell products in more order sources. Users can benefit from increased efficiency, improved marketing, significant reduction in overall administration, and reduced costs.

Employee Management

With our Employee Management Module you can say goodbye to the endless spreadsheets and box files. When you store your employee information on our module, you will have all your HR data and documents at your fingertips — no matter where you are. Centralize all your information in one location so that it is organized and easy to access on the go. Benefits of Employee Management: Employee Profile Management Employee Attendance Management Time Tracking with Sign in/Sign out details Task Assignment Task Management etc.

User Management

You can be either a team of 2 or 200, each user has a secure account to access the information they need, when they need it. Of course, when it comes to User, discretion is the key. Don’t worry! Our User Management Module lets you set permission levels so every user only has access to the appropriate information. Benefits of User Management: User Access Control User Menu Control Admin Roles User Type Rights (whether group access/single user access) Block and Unblock Users from particular type/role Access user profile pages etc.

Customer Management

Manage your prospects and customers efficiently and professionally. Converting a prospect to a customer is achieved with a simple click. Customer management is the essential key to success for each and every organization. Ore Tech Solutions well understood the same and developed a separate product for Customer Management. The process of managing the Customer (Clients) will be dramatically changed from the yester-years processes. Benefits of Customer Management Management of Client with Product-wise segmentation Easy segregation of Customer-wise inventory etc.

Product Management

Fulfilling customer requirements accurately, efficiently and on time is high on the list of priorities for every company. With Product Management Module at the heart of how effectively and profitably this is achieved, it is vital to choose business software with comprehensive Product management that integrates end to end with all other aspects of company operations. Regardless of what product the business sells, how it is used or sold, where that product is held or in how many different locations, our module provides companies with the comprehensive product control they need. With total product visibility that allows staff to quickly find the information they need, in-depth product control functionality that means daily tasks are efficiently performed and accurately maintained, our Product Management module provides all the major tools for effective Product Management. Benefits of Product Management Organizing of Courier Shipment Management of Logistics Child/Parent level Product Management (Category/Product) Exclusions can be made in Courier Shipment (Pin code/Area/Operator) Attribute Management for products in order to easy segmentation.

Logistics Management

If your business dispatches a lot of deliveries via courier services, then you’ll already know just what a headache it can be to organize details and information such as delivery addresses and consignment numbers to ensure the relevant courier companies are provided with this key information correctly. Integrating with a major range of courier systems, Our Courier Integration provides an efficient and accurate solution to this time consuming process. The streamlined process achieved by our software’s Courier Integration not only vastly improves dispatch efficiency but also completely eliminates re-keying into courier software, helping to increase order handling capabilities and provide accurate, clearly visible information. Benefits of Courier Management Management of several of Courier/Shipping Companies Management of shipping modes (Air/Ground) Courier-wise pin code management Zone-wise Courier/pin code management Managing courier bank details Zone level pin code segregation Zone level cost management Courier Tracking Management of AWB Packaging details management Generating batch product shipping details Dispatch & delivery details More than 28000 pin codes in one places Validation of Pin codes before any shipment Zone wise courier assignment for easier shipping

Inventory Management

With inventory being your main asset it is important to know what is in stock, on order or running low. Conveniently set automatic stock reorder points/alerts, perform adjustments and stay on top of all stock movements in your business. Operating at a wholesale level will likely bring challenges associated with managing extensive product lines and variations. Our Inventory Management module simplifies this process by allowing you to create Product line consisting of variations of the same product with a unique details. Keeping track of stock in a single location is difficult enough. Growing into multiple locations while continuing to have a strong grip on your inventory may seem impossible. With our software you can create unlimited number of locations and start buying, selling and manufacturing from these locations while also transferring items between them and performing stock takes. Benefits of Inventory Management Easy Report generation for more than 50 aspects Stock addition Stock adjustment Managing Warehouse Return receiving and Stock receiving

Order Management

Whether handling hundreds or many thousands of sales orders, raising multiple purchase orders each day or a few each month, Our Order Management module offers an extensive suite of functionality to ensure businesses can manage their order processing in a fast, organized fashion. Easily configurable and adapted to meet the specific processes of the business using the software, our software ensures to maximize the opportunities and all order management processes are handled in an intuitive and streamlined to manner to deliver exceptional service. For occasions where customers are returning unwanted or damaged items to you or you are returning goods to your suppliers, the Order Management Module ensures the appropriate actions are taken and the processes are handled in a controlled manner. With functionality to ensure the correct documentation is created, key details are recorded and high customer service levels are maintained throughout the process, businesses can ensure effective, structured management of Returns is always achieved. Benefits of Order Management User friendly interface to upload Order File from client with any order keyed in excel. Auto Stock Assignment Auto Courier Assignment based on Cost effective/Zone/Pin code Validation of Courier assignment Bulk order cancellation Individual order cancellation MIS/Report generation

OrderMonk Software

OrderMonk is an multi source order processing software which is cloud based and has many robust features. Linking every step of your multi-channel retail enterprise gives you real-time visibility into your entire retail operation, accessible from anywhere at any time. OrderMonk is the answer for any size store or enterprise from a small retail chain to a nation-wide multi-channel retailer. At store level, the retail software can be tailored to fulfill your individual POS needs. At corporate, our on-demand retail management systems from us helps centralizes real-time information from across your entire retail chain or multi-channel retail enterprise. We take pride in delivering a retail management system and multi-channel retail software that increase business productivity for our clients. We provide retail executives with efficient retail management systems designed to streamline everyday operations and cut overall costs. We offer a retail software solution that will make managing stores, inventory, and customers fast and easy. Each POS retail store system is tailored to suit our client's unique business needs. We also offer training and support along the way to ensure our clients have a thorough understanding of our retail management software to leverage the power behind our retail management systems to their fullest potential.

Features of OrderMonk

User friendly interface to upload Order File from client with any order keyed in excel. Auto Stock Assignment Auto Courier Assignment based on Cost effective/Zone/Pin code Bulk order process/cancellation MIS and standard Reports Fulfil orders by FIFO method or your preference as by choosing the order stream. Managed inventory allows user keeps track of inventory as a pocket sized feature and primarily concentrating integrating orders from any stream (source).