A website should reflect the brand ethos and values of the organization. Ore Tech Solutions will work closely with you to ensure that the website is designed and developed in-line with your brand guidelines. We will conduct a short survey which places significance on your organization’s strategy and will offer guidance, based on our expertise, to ensure that your requirements are expressed completely in the design and branding of your website.




Ore Technology Solutions has experience in delivering projects for clients using a variety of custom content management systems (CMS), like: Joomla WordPress We will work closely with your organization to determine the most suitable CMS for the project, and will assign individuals from our team, based on their expertise of the CMS, to deliver a successful project within the desired timescales and budget. Feel the freedom of updating your own website. Save money and time by making your own updates using Ore Technology Solutions Content Management System. Stop spending money and time waiting for an IT expert or web developer to update your website. Staying current and relevant means higher sales and profitability, so why wait for someone else do what you can do yourself?